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What are some/the realistic pursuits to create multiple streams of income over time?


Bare with me here, I don’t mean to come off as anyone who’s looking for anything schemey or to get rich quick. Not that I know why I would, but I just feel like whatever I say, as a young man, probably a little over ambitious and idealistic, I’m going to come across a little that way and people are going to wear me out for it. So like I said bear with me.

What I want to know is what are some of the realistic pursuits someone can be pretty certain if they dedicate themselves to and put the time and money into, they can expect to make money from in a reasonable timeframe. Maybe we can compile a list. Pretty broad I know, but as a young person on social media, we’re so inundated to bs’ers and scams, layers upon layers upon layers of marketing schemes and fraudulent escapades, and since public education doesn’t bother to inform of us of the variety of ways someone can build income over time, I don’t know what options there are, nor do I know what’s bull and what’s not.

For example, I know real estate is a great thing to get started in as soon as possible. I’m also purchasing a van this month, and I plan to live out it for the majority of the remainder of my college education and graduate school, working 30-60 hours/wk (depending on school workload). That may be the better part of or a whole decade. The idea is 1-2 years of rent \~= a down payment on a house. Even quicker if I’m saving money other ways or have other sources of income.

I’ve thought about drop shipping, but that’s one of those things I have no idea if is bs or not. It seems fairly legit, albeit an oversaturated market at this point, but so many of those people are probably clueless and not dedicated, I feel like I could make at least a little additional income from this, and it’s fairly passive.

I’ve definitely thought about building my instagram account to a point where I can just simply run ads on it and maybe someday make anywhere from $500-$1500+/mo from it.

Then of course as I’m saving money I should be getting some modest returns on it if I just invest it wisely.

But beyond that I don’t know what’s available to me that’s not an entire trade/career. I’m totally open and interested in developing a side career/business/knowledge/skillset that I would dedicate tens of hours a week learning and maintaining, but I’m not about to go learn how to be a plumber or something while I’m going to school for the career I want to do some day (professor/research) and pursuing real estate and most likely working a lot (since I make about $20+/hr in the service industry, so this is a good source of income in the grand scheme of things).

Surely there’s other worthy pursuits for growing and making income, a sort of surefire you get out what you put in type of deal. Not looking for free money, I’m 22 years old, if it takes 5-10 years before I’m even competent enough to make money doing it, but it won’t interrupt the course of my career/other pursuits (unless its more fruitful than the others), I’m up to it. I know this is like the most basic broad open question ever, but please indulge me.


Someone answered:

Create a product (a downloadable book, YouTube video, porn) that you create once, but you profit off of multiple times over time. Getting a pension. Investing in 401ks or CDs. Airbnbing out the place you live in. Marrying rich is prob the best way.

Someone answered:

Get a marketable degree. Work hard. Profit

Someone answered:

Two ideas that come to mind:

Software development. You can often get smaller contract type work at sites like, and most of the tools are free to learn. Even most IDEs have a non-commercial license while you’re learning.

Modeling/Simulation – Blender is free, though you need a decent PC, and there are tons of resources out there. Plus it’s artsy. And kind of a fun hobby really.