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Weekly Self-Promotion Thread – October 31, 2018


Self-promotion (ie posting about projects/businesses that you operate and can profit from) is typically a practice that is discouraged in /r/financialindependence, and these posts are removed through moderation. This is a thread where those rules *do not* apply. **However**, please do not post referral links in this thread.

Use this thread to talk about your blog, talk about your business, ask for feedback, etc. If the self-promotion starts to leak outside of this thread, we will once again return to a time where 100% of self-promotion posts are banned. Please use this space wisely.

**Link-only posts will be removed. Put some effort into it.**


Someone answered:

I recently published a piece on the life of a world-traveling English teacher.

I think traveling the world and using English teaching is a great way to slide into FIRE. Much of the world has a lower cost of living and the schedule of an English teacher is fairly relaxed.

This post gets a PG-13 rating for some pics of a local drug done in Asia called "betel nut" and also the bikini pics that are frequently on the package.

"The Life of a World Traveling English Teacher"

Someone answered:

100% passive income stream doesn't exist as such. Doing no work at all is delusional. Unfortunately, in order to get the ball rolling, you’ll have to invest something first, either money (I.e. self-service coin-operated car wash) or some of your free time (I.e. creating online course).

Although there's no real passive income here are 29 passive income ideas that can easily provide you with that passive income. These jobs won’t waste a ton of your time or energy, but they will bring some extra money your way. Some are offline but most of them are online.

Someone answered:

With all the press that the lottery is getting, we decided to explain how to win the lottery, and some math behind winning, and how the rest of us can be better off by not winning a few million in gambling.