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Weekly Self-Promotion Thread – October 10, 2018


Self-promotion (ie posting about projects/businesses that you operate and can profit from) is typically a practice that is discouraged in /r/financialindependence, and these posts are removed through moderation. This is a thread where those rules *do not* apply. **However**, please do not post referral links in this thread.

Use this thread to talk about your blog, talk about your business, ask for feedback, etc. If the self-promotion starts to leak outside of this thread, we will once again return to a time where 100% of self-promotion posts are banned. Please use this space wisely.

**Link-only posts will be removed. Put some effort into it.**


Someone answered:

I’ve put together a simple and comprehensive guide to personal finance for absolute beginners.

This info will be old news for most users here, but thought I’d share anyways.

It's an entirely free and openly accessible online guide designed for:

  • People who've just entered the workforce and have no experience with managing their own money
  • Those who have forgotten about the financial side of their life for too long (whether consciously or subconsciously), and want a crash course to get things straightened out
  • Money veterans who want to brush up on one or two specific concepts

Through more than 20 lessons and over 20,000 words, this covers:

  • The core concepts of good money management — tracking your spending, reducing debt, investing to build wealth
  • Step-by-step tutorials on the actual mechanics of it all — how to read your paycheck, downloading your bank transactions in order to put together an income/expense tracker, submitting trades in an online brokerage account
  • Discussion around the mindset aspect of personal finance, which I feel is too often ignored — how to stay motivated so you can see your plan all the way through, reduce money stress, and how you can start today on building up the life you want
  • How you can plan to meet specific long-term goals — buying a home, starting a family, retirement

It's called Moonshine Money: A do-it-yourself guide to personal finance.

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Someone answered:

Some of my finest work. Stressed out, anxious, worried about money.

Why this whole movement we are a part of has gained traction.

Please share this if it resonates at all with your own story.

Someone answered:

Hey everyone! I recently posted my journey to 225K Net Worth At Age 25. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

I started investing out of high school when I joined the Air Force and haven't looked back. To me Financial Independence means one is free from money and can choose what they'd like to do with their freedom and time.