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Weekly Self-Promotion Thread – February 27, 2019


Self-promotion (ie posting about projects/businesses that you operate and can profit from) is typically a practice that is discouraged in /r/financialindependence, and these posts are removed through moderation. This is a thread where those rules *do not* apply. **However**, please do not post referral links in this thread.

Use this thread to talk about your blog, talk about your business, ask for feedback, etc. If the self-promotion starts to leak outside of this thread, we will once again return to a time where 100% of self-promotion posts are banned. Please use this space wisely.

**Link-only posts will be removed. Put some effort into it.**


Someone answered:

This week I was featured on the What’s Up Next podcast episode about Financial Inedependence and Physical Fitness so we decided to make this week’s article compliment that episode and we put together 9 different side-hustles that can help you get, or stay, in shape. Let us know what you think.

Someone answered:

I have two posts in the last week that I want to share!

First up is a group post I did with a few blogger friends where we all talk about our favorite investing or money books. It was interesting to read about what others liked and I certainly added some books to my libby to borrow list.

Secondly is a post I just published this morning about my experience with Nielsen Surveys so far. It's not an overly serious post, just a bit of fun!

Thanks for reading and checking out my stuff!

Someone answered:

Good morning everyone!

On Monday, I published a guest post from Alexander of DaytradingZ on Investing Basics how Robots can improve your net return!

The next article I would like to share is the first interview in my From Broke to Financially Woke Interview Series published last Friday featuring Marc from Vital Dollar. He tells his story about how the escaped Broke Phi Broke.

From Broke to Financially Woke Interview Series – Vital Dollar

And last but certainly not least, I would like to share my review of Cal Newport's book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World.

Enjoy the rest of your week!