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Weekly Self-Promotion Thread – December 05, 2018


Self-promotion (ie posting about projects/businesses that you operate and can profit from) is typically a practice that is discouraged in /r/financialindependence, and these posts are removed through moderation. This is a thread where those rules *do not* apply. **However**, please do not post referral links in this thread.

Use this thread to talk about your blog, talk about your business, ask for feedback, etc. If the self-promotion starts to leak outside of this thread, we will once again return to a time where 100% of self-promotion posts are banned. Please use this space wisely.

**Link-only posts will be removed. Put some effort into it.**


Someone answered:

As a hobby, I’ve been picking up some basic web development skills.

My latest project is a “Stock and Bond Market Visualizer”.

It’s an interactive web tool that lets you select from a set of investment indices (S&P500, TSX60, MSCI global all cap, US bond index), and select a time period to analyze.

The page then generates a bunch of outputs dynamically:

  • Chart of daily prices
  • Annualized return calculation (with toggle for dividend adjusted returns)
  • Returns by year
  • Daily return statistics

I learned a ton doing this, and I’m pretty pleased with the result!

Here it is: Stock and bond market visualizer

Someone answered:

The threat of murder and massacre won't even keep the shoppers away. Why do people love Black Friday so much? We try to answer that in this week’s article.

Someone answered:

Building Wealth And Being Happy: A Practical Guide To Financial Independence is free to download today on Amazon! If you don't have a Kindle you can still read it on their Amazon reader thing in your browser.