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Vanguard advisor service


Hi, anyone tried vanguard advisor service? Good bad would you recommend? Thinking of getting a financial advisor/planner…


Someone answered:

Financial consultant here (not with Vanguard)

Financial subs love to shit on my job because the consensus is you can do it yourself, which for the most part is true- if you want to do the work.

What are you looking for assistance with? If it's just what to invest in, you probably don't need and advisor.

Are you looking for a holistic view of your finances and want someone to guide you through it because you don't have time? (ie- retirement planning, investing, tax planning, estate planning, drawdown strategy, budget, short-term long-term goals, etc.) An advisor may be worth it to you. Disclaimer*- FAs cannot make tax or estate plans but work with CPA or an attorney in conjunction with the financial plan for best results.

There are still sharks in the water so do your vetting when searching for an FA; there are many financial planners that are good at what they do, and good for individuals that need assistance.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Good luck!

Someone answered:

What is it that you think you need them to assist with?

Someone answered:

Below is straight from the Vanguard disclosure brochure. A savvy consumer/investor can find a competent and trustworthy advisor who is an even better fiduciary and helps his clients avoid these BS fee's that Vanguard is trying to impose.

Non-Vanguard fund fees

Mutual fund trades in a Vanguard Brokerage Account held through VMC are limited to those fund families with which VMC has entered into a selling agreement. VMC receives transaction fees, front- and back-end loads, sales charges, and 12b-1 fees in connection with certain transactions in third-party mutual funds through VMC’s FundAccess®program. VMC will also receive fees for the provisioning of various shareholder services in connection with the participation of certain mutual funds in the FundAccess program. These fees may be considered revenue sharing and represent a significant source of revenue for VMC. Determined in accordance with an asset-based formula, these payments may equal up to 0.40% of a mutual fund’s assets under management at VMC on an annual basis. VMC will also receive operational payments from mutual funds in the form of networking or per-position fees of up to $20 for each customer position in a mutual fund on an annual basis. These fees are reimbursed to VMC for the work it performs on behalf of the funds, which may include, but isn’t limited to, sub-accounting services, dividend calculation and posting, accounting, reconciliation, client confirmation and statement preparation and mailing, and tax statement preparation and mailing. Certain funds offered through the FundAccess program assess purchase and redemption fees. In the event that the Portfolio transacts in a fund that assesses such fees or pays the aforementioned forms of compensation to VMC, those fees will be imposed on your transaction(s) and the compensation will be paid to VMC separate and apart from the advisory fees assessed by us.