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Tenancy Deposit Dispute


Hi all,

Can anyone offer any advice regarding tenancy deposits?

My partner and I moved into a rented property around 10 years ago and paid a £500.00 deposit. We have recently purchased our own home and so moved out. We handed the keys back to the estate agent this weekend, and he went through the item check list from when we first moved in, from which afair he ticked every item as being present and correct in the same condition (he said he would email it over but we’ve not yet received it – have now chased).

The landlord had previously mentioned that after we’d packed up up, moved out and had the estate agent checks that he would then sort out the deposit. Following us handing the keys back over we emailed him to let him know, and included a template letter as advised on the deposit holding companys website re: the return of the deposit.

Today he has emailed stating that we have left the house in a ‘filthy’ and ‘sickening’ state, has mentioned some items which were broken/damaged which we know for a fact were not, some he says were broken/damaged which were actually in that state when we moved in (I’m almost positive we noted this on the item check, so can double check when we get the copy) and that he would be withholding the deposit until it has been cleaned and fixed.

We worked really hard during our notice period to leave the house in a decent state for the next tenants, we cleaned and patched up any areas which were a bit grubby and worn after a decade, we patched up a few minor cracks (which weren’t even our fault – just general minor cracks in the property walls etc) plus one we accidentally made when moving the bookcases downstairs, cleaned everything up. I believe any ‘dirt/damage’ is simply down to wear and tear. We are not the kind of people to just leave anywhere a state like that.

We’re especially upset about the language he’s used to describe the state of the property – it’s absolutely not as he described. He’s been a pretty ok landlord up until now and we’re quite surprised and taken aback by the response.

Does anyone have any experience with the deposit dispute process? What can we expect?


Someone answered:

After 6 April 2007?

Was it protected?

Someone answered:

This is probably better suited to r/legaladviceuk

Someone answered:

Next time take a video of everything before you hand over the keys.