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Student loans in collections


$237,845.75 in defaulted student loans is now in collections. How I got here is a long story, but I have declared bankruptcy and am getting my financial picture in order, but as we all know student loans are non-dischargeable. Obviously this is not an amount I can even make an offer to pay half of, but I am now gainfully employed and want to make some kind of arrangement. What are my options? Should I contact them and offer a monthly payment? What should that amount be based on? Does which collections company it is matter? I don’t have any assets so I’m not worried about that. Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Throwaway for the reasons. I’m in Washington state.


Someone answered:

just curious how did you get 237k in loans? Are you a physician or lawyer?

Someone answered:

Pondering your problem (which, I'm sorry I don't have any good answers to), I can't help but wonder how $237k in legal and business education didn't in some way prepare you to have better answers to your own question than anything I might have to suggest…best of luck, in any case.

Someone answered:

Are these federal or private loans?