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Reorganization at work – how can I negotiate salary?


We’re going through a reorganization at work. They’ve also restructured career levels merging my level with the next step up (manager and senior manager). I would have applied for (and very likely got) a promotion to senior manager this year but due to the reorg that’s no longer possible – that promotion would have given me a 10% pay bump.

The reorg means my job is changing drastically and in my opinion will actually have more potential impact to the business. They’ve said that the reorg isn’t the time to negotiate salary but they’ve changed my job and I feel I should be paid for the job I’m going to be doing.

Without a pay bump this year, I’ll start looking elsewhere (there are other opportunities within other business units at work) but I like my team and department and would see this as a last resort.

How do I approach salary in this situation?


Someone answered:

You ask. And then they say yes or no. Simple right?!

If they say yes, happy days.

If they say no, then you are free to find another job you feel you’re valued in.

Good luck!

Someone answered:

Is it a telecoms company? If so, the union are only interested in helping the older folks in ensuring their benefits are grandfathered. This is pretty rubbish for those being pushed "up" into a role above them. Same class of work, none of the pay or benefit increases. Still talk to them if you're a member though.

That company is also finalising annual pay reviews and bonuses right now. So ensure your manager knows how you feel about it. This will be performance based already, but if you make it clear you're unhappy (and may look elsewhere) they may be able to do more, this includes making a more senior role available, if possible.

The best solution, in my opinion is to search for a new role within the company. Ideally somewhere not yet part of the reorg, then you can get the benefits and pay rise. It's a bit late for that though. However, if you apply for a new role, then that would be prime time to negotiate a raise in any case.

You're lucky to keep your job, is a sentiment I've heard quite a bit. I don't think that's appropriate and there's not been enough focus on those at your level of the transition. For what it's worth, there are roles between the bands that give some levels of promotion, but as the pay bands don't correlate it's hard to know what to expect.

This comment assumes you're at the company I'm thinking of..

Someone answered:

Another element of concern is that in my current role I have excelled and would have a good case for a pay rise but in the new role, will my work over the last year factor in when discussing pay rises or will it only focus on the new role?