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Rent check will be deposited tomorrow and I’m short $6 dollars. What do I do?


I have a checking account on Capital One and I transferred money from my savings on Barclays, but it takes 3 days or more. I’m panicking because of stupid $6. How do I do a imediate transfer?

Edit: Good news!!!! One can find AMAZING people on the internet.
A couple people offered to send me the $6 via Venmo, but I just have Zelle.
An angel had both and just sent me the money. I couldn’t be more grateful. I told him I’ll pay him back as soon as the transfer from my savings hit my checkings. Y’all can hold me accountable.

Thank you everybody for the tips and for being amazing.


Someone answered:

Have a friend venmo you $7, they do instant transfer for like 25 cents

Someone answered:

If you’re in Los Angles, come over.

We can meet at the nearest El Pollo Loco and I can give you ten dollars.

For real, not even joking

Someone answered:

I'd hop on Facebook marketplace or Nextdoor and sell something small for 6 bucks.