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Reminder: Don’t hate your current life to get to your FI/RE life later. We aren’t promised later days or health.


Some of us are very ambitious and excited about achieving FIRE, myself included despite it being pretty far out. We think “the sacrifices will all be worth it when we get to our target date!” But we forget that each day is gift to be enjoyed. Be smart, be frugal, but enjoy that Starbucks drink/time with the kids instead of a side hustle/good Parmesan vs sawdust/etc.

Post motivator: my grandpa had a stroke and isn’t recovering well. That plus old age leaves him unable to talk much, read, or hear. He has severe anxiety due to the Hell inside his head and inability to express himself – wishes he was dead. He lived a good life and continued farming until the stroke. Every time I see him I am reminded that the journey to FIRE is just as important to enjoy as the result.


Someone answered:

Okay, seriously, I'm glad you figured this out, but can we all agree to stop posting this crap six times a day?

Someone answered:

To echo in a different way: assess your priorities. Some things are worth paying for, others aren't.

Best costly decision I made was starting to see a psychiatrist. Has been a really valuable engagement despite the cost ($60/session with insurance).

Now, buying a car? A 3/4 year old Honda/Toyota will do fine. I don't need a shiny new SUV.

Someone answered:

What's wonderful about this sub is that we get to see the stories of people who have made it to FI and particularly RE.

It's impossible for those of us on the way to FI/RE to reach into the future and see what we might regret, so we have to read the stories and balance our priorities based on that.

Thank you for sharing OP, and thank you to all who contribute on this sub.