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Phone and broadband companies to alert you when your fixed tariff ends


Just to let you know that by February 2020 phone and internet companies have to let you know when your tariff will come to an end. Not bad at all.

BBC article on this


Someone answered:

If you've realised this morning that your mobile contract has elapsed, you may be able to pressure your provider to offer compensation – I was able to get 50% of the value of my tariff credited back to me for the two months that had passed. This was with EE.

When I called up to see what options I had, and to say I wasn't happy (given phone companies recieved bad press back end of 2018 on this topic), the girl on the phone advised along the lines of '…We get it, and we're sorry. We'll log an internal note, and investigate. You may, or may not hear back from us. Is that OK before I transfer you to our upgrade team?'

They must've been trained to push back at least once, because when I said that wasn't a satisfactory resolution, they were pretty quick to cut my bill in half.

Your mileage may vary!

(edit: this was in March 19)

Someone answered:

So higher average prices to make up for the money they’ll no longer be making from people who don’t pay attention?

Someone answered:

Guess it's helpful but can't say I have much sympathy for those who have lost money because of it, if you sign up a contract for x months, it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of when that is coming to end and to review it when necessary.