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Lost 20g in a fraud yesterday….


I feel like an idiot. There were red flags but I overlooked them after seeing the guys registration matching the Vin in the windshield, and seeing a car fax matching that vin without any concerns listed.

I took out a loan, and am now paying interest on it, knowing the police will come confiscate the car as soon as I tell them.

There is no guarantee I will get my money back. If I do, it will be after years of court battles. I am out  just shy of 20 grand. With interest….

I realized when I was programming the internet onto the car and the vin was different, as I was suspicious, but brushed it away. I then noticed the stickers on the door jam were overlapping other stickers by a millimeter, I then noticed the windshield molding had a small nick on it. I pulled off the stickers, held up to a light, and sure enough the numbers matched the car infotainment screen.

I saw his firearms licence. I saw the registration paper matching the vin on the car, I saw the Carfax, but I put together the red flags and confirmed them a day too late. The etransfers went through. They have my money. Now it’s a long stressful fight to get it back, if I ever do. I gave 3 grand cash, and the rest was etransfered.

I will call the police in the morning. Provide them with his name and email, and the email my bank provided that the money was forwarded to. I will tell them the businesses where the transaction took place, and they should be able to get camera footage (praying they can) to see him and the vehicle he left in.

Let me know anything else I should do. I’m an idiot. I fell for obvious bait. Some ugly guy selling a nice car for cheap after breaking up with the fiancé.

I feel sick. I just lost life savings 2 years ago to ex wife. I lost the rest in a few bad stock moves.
Now I lost 20g I don’t have and have to drive 3 hours to go to court in another city, likely multiple times. Fml.


Someone answered:

Don't lose all hope I would move quickly the bank may see who took the money out or where it got transferred.etc.

Someone answered:

Sorry man that sucks. Hopefully things will go up from here.

Someone answered:

I know the feeling on a much smaller scale. I was scammed and had the serial numbers on each of the 100 dollar bills and the police did nothing. It was a Home Depot card where they sell you the card and then spend the money online before you can spend it. Home Depot did nothing and was hacked soon after as many were taking the card numbers right off the shelf.

Anyone that can print a VIN sticker and pull off something like this, knows a bit about what they are doing. This is both good and bad.

Good from the stand point that the FBI would be more interested in them and bad from the stand point that the probably covered their tracks.

The car might not be stolen, it might just be a salvaged title. I own a few cars that have salvage titles and it scares people, so they think it's worthless. People can buy a salvaged car from a flood (like what happened in TX) for cheap, then change the VIN and sell it as a non-salvaged car.

So you could now own a legal car (non-stolen) but a salvage or rebuilt title. You might be able to check online.

Have you checked with the DMV and is the Carfax real or fake? Did he provide the Carfax or did you run it yourself?

You say $20K, what is the BB value of the car, was it a $30K car?