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Left a company nearly a month and a half ago, keep receiving paychecks even after I brought it to their attention.


The title pretty much says it all. I left this company about a month and a half ago. After I first left, I recieved another full paycheck. I didn’t think much of it, I just thought it might be owed to me. However, the following week, I received another FULL paycheck. I thought something definitely wasnt right, so I decided to call them up and tell them something along the lines of ” I recieved some unexpected paychecks since I left, do you mind explaining this?” They responded with “something isnt right, give us a few hours and we will call you back”.

Fast forward by a week, I never got a call back, and I recieved ANOTHER FULL paycheck, even after contacting them a week ago, I still got another paycheck. I called them up immediately, they didnt answer, so I left them a message. That was a few days ago and I have yet to receive anything since.

Some clarifications: I get direct deposits, and I do not receive pay stubs in the mail. I live in the U.S. and the company in question is pretty fucking big.

So what am I supposed to do? I’m not spending the money, but I’d really like to reach some sort of conclusion rather than just keep hoarding their money in my bank account. I’m up to 3 full paychecks since I’ve left.


Someone answered:

I would suggest writing an e-mail or certified letter to your former manager and/or HR. State your concerns clearly and be forthcoming about previous attempts to get this resolved. You want to have something in writing for when this goes sideways. As other suggested, don't spend the money because they may come and ask for it back.

Someone answered:

Where you laid off and eligible for a severance package? When I got laid off I got 13 weeks of pay. I assumed I would get 1 big check, but they just kept my direct deposit going for 13 weeks.

Someone answered:

Sounds like your manager never submitted termination paperwork. Did you have an exit interview with HR?