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I’m fed up with TurboTax


I’ve been using TurboTax for a long time. Yes I know there were cheaper options but its mostly inertia and convenience.

I made very little money the last few years, so I was happy that I could still use it and file my taxes for free. This year when I started my return I was just over the free versions limit I guess, and it said that I couldn’t use it to file.

So I looked for an Upgrade option and couldn’t find one. I use the online version and all I saw was ‘TurboTax Free file’, and it only gave me a link to []( when it complained. Signing in/out didn’t do anything. I then googled and it seems many people online have this exact issue. Then I spent 2+hr waiting for customer support (there’s no chat option, only phone) and after another 45min with the CSR, the only solution was – ‘create a new account’ !!!

Sorry for the rant, but I just cannot believe it. A new account and all my previous years tax returns etc won’t be linked to it. This is such a simple thing they need to have – why would you not allow a free user to pay you ??!!

I also checked out hrblock and their cost is not that much cheaper but from what I saw TurboTax is still a lot better. e.g in the guidance, the level of information etc. So it seems even though I don’t like their business practices and I know they are responsible for a lot of the mess with tax filing, I will end up using them.


Someone answered:

Don't let inertia keep you there. I switched to FreeTaxUSA this year (after using TaxACT for the past several years) and found FreeTaxUSA to be awesome. Easy to follow directions, it handled my semi-complicated capital gains / dividends / interest very well. Federal Filing was free and stat was like $12.

If you are still looking to file (tick tock, today's the day), I suggest giving FreeTaxUSA a look.

Someone answered:

I used credit karma’s free file and was very happy with it.

Someone answered:

I used H&R block's free file from to file my small business taxes this year, and it was basically just as good as turbo tax, but free.

I paid over $100 last year for turbo taxes small business filing, this year I paid $0 and got the same service.

Honestly I think it may have been faster because H&R free file wasn't bothering me to upgrade to a paid plan every few pages like turbo tax.