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I was offered a promotion with a major pay increase but it means living in a town I’m miserable in for another 2 years minimum.


I’m finishing up a year of service tutoring in an inner city school in New Jersey and have been offered a full time position and admission to grad school to get a teaching credential and master’s in Education. It is a major step professionally and will triple my take home income. I love my job and my students and was really happy when I got the offer.

The problem is that I’m from California, 3000 miles from here. All my family and friends are there and I feel every mile of it. I’ve made coworker friends but no one who shares my hobbies and I have to travel almost an hour to find groups that do those hobbies.

The money will definitely make next year more livable and grad school will keep me busy and motivated. My boss wants an answer from me by Friday and I think I’m going to say yes. I’ve been looking for something similar back home and I’m not finding it.


Someone answered:

Welcome to being an adult.

You go where the jobs are. And you make the best of the situation while you're there.

Someone answered:

Take it from someone who relocated.

Do it. The pay increase should allow you to take an extra trip or two home each year. In the grand scheme of things, two years is a drop in the bucket.

Put in the two years. Bust your ass in the job and school. Use that experience and education to get a great job at home.

Someone answered:

Getting your first job in the field you want is likely the hardest part. Money isn’t everything but 2 years is not that big of a deal if it going to really further your career.