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How much can I make from a hobby until I pay taxes?


Did a bit of searching for this question and all of the answers seem to include job pay. I’m thinking of starting a hobby and selling my works. However, I already have a job making roughly 35k/year. I most definitely file for that, but when would I start to include extra money from my hobby? Do I need to prove it as well or just yell them the amount? Thanks.


Someone answered:

You report anything you make

Someone answered:

All income from the hobby needs to be reported.

Someone answered:

If you want to sell your works, it would be more prudent to say this is a self-employment business with a profit motive, if you think you'll be profiting 3 out of 5 years. Then you can deduct business expenses (such as for materials). If you treat it as a hobby, you can't deduct any of your expenses (due to tax reform).