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How important is a credit card?


I don’t think I need a credit card, I’m not a larger spender and only do so when I have the money and need to.

My understanding is that I should still get a credit card to build up credit/history. So should I get a credit card or is it fine to just stick to my current account because that already has history on it?

Don’t want it to be something that holds me back in the future.


Someone answered:

I have credit cards for two reasons;

1) is for emergency spending (as I have a large amount available from building it up over the years)

2) the benefits of using one instead of a debit card

The benefits mainly include cash back on purchases, thus actually getting paid to use the card. And the section 75 protection giving you peace of mind of large purchases.

Someone answered:

A current account doesn't have credit history typically, as its not credit. Unless you have an overdraft – but presumably you don't use that too much so it's not really indicative of too much. Credit cards offer more than just evidence of responsible credit usage, one of the prime benefits is S75 protection on purchases over £100. You can also get cashback and rewards, in addition to better cash flow – as you're paying 50 days later (or longer if you've a 0% card).

I'd recommend everyone have a credit card, so long as they're able to automatically pay it off at the end of the period before interest is due. Personally I put 100% of my day to day spending through credit cards.

Someone answered:

I don't need a credit card which is why I have one. Never paid any interest and have had free hotel rooms, vouchers I turned into watches that I turned into cash and better consumer production to boot…