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How do you deal with FOMO?


I have my entire year planned out, savings goals in place, and FIRE constantly on my mind. I’m determined but, then things like this happen:

My friend posted a link to a concert announcement in a group text. Naturally, everyone was excited and chatting about it. Almost instantly, I decided that I couldn’t/wouldn’t go. The tickets were expensive and the flights to get there even more so.

Fast forward a week and the tickets go on sale. My phone BLOWS UP with everyone saying they bought their ticket, making plans, etc. So, I am sitting there feeling left out and lonely af. A few minutes later, I’m entering my credit card info and I spend $1000. ($300 for the ticket, $700 for the flight). I instantly feel like shit. $1k to do drugs and dance with my friends for two days. Worth it? Idk.

I am still on track to save $40k this year but it’s only February. I’m sure there will be many more random concert/festival announcements in my near future. This always happens to me. I feel left out and decide to fly halfway around the world and spend ungodly sums to hang out with the people in my life. How do I deal?

EDIT: Ok, your responses are really good. Here’s my action plan.

1. Fucking be realistic in my budgeting. Be sure to have a fund for random fun times.
2. Adjust my perspective on FIRE. It’s not a zero sum game. This isn’t a religion. I can create my own vision of FIRE which complements my life and goals.
3. Figure out why I feel negative emotions when I am unable to or decide not to attend events or go on trips that I’m invited to. This is a difficult one but, it’s clearly necessary.


Someone answered:

You come to terms with the fact that FIRE isn't the goal of your life, just a goal in your life. Therefore you are willing to delay it a bit in order to be happy.

Someone answered:

Moderation in all things, including moderation.

Someone answered:

“On track to save $40k this year”, go and enjoy yourself.