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Has anyone tried, or know someone who’s tried, to get laid off or fired in order to collect unemployment?


Just curious to hear your stories. After all we are trying to FIRE so we can do things we enjoy more than working. Plus many of you can afford to be out of work so maybe a few of you tried risking it for the unemployment insurance. Funny stories?


Someone answered:

Totally. My father was on the verge of retirement for a few years. He was in a cosy job paying $110k a year and he barely turned up to the office. It was following a merger of companies and he ended up only having to report to someone halfway across the world by sending them a spreadsheet once per week.

He literally made himself so useless he was just waiting for the redundancy. It eventually came, and as he'd been with the company for over 15 years it was a sizeable bonus. Had he just retired when he wanted to, that bonus wouldn't have come.

Someone answered:

There was a post around here where someone caught wind of layoffs and was able to negotiate with their manager a severance package. He was comfortable doing that because he was FI.

Someone less lazier than me might find it and link it.

Someone answered:

I'm not close to FI but my company had annual layoffs for years. They always asked for volunteers, I finally volunteered but was denied. They proceeded to lay off someone with similar background and experience though that didn't want to be laid off. In the end, I quit and they brought the other person back. I am still bitter.