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Got this letter saying a student loan account has been placed with collections. I didn’t know about this account.


The letter:

I had no idea an account with Peaks was open. Last I heard of any Peak loans they were consolidated and are now handled through Naviant.

None of this is showing up in my credit reports either. I couldn’t find any information about this through Google. Is this a scam? Has anyone had a similar situation happen to them or know what I should do from here? Thanks.


Someone answered:

Well it says the original creditor is liberty bank, I would give them a call on Monday and try to figure it out from there.

It doesn't appear to be a scam.

Someone answered:

Send them a letter looking for proof of the debt.

Someone answered:

seems odd that the amount owed doesn't have a comma between 10 and 200. That's a red flag for me that it's a scam

10200 vs 10,200.

in addition to that, they don't have a website listed, only a pay portal. That's a second red flag.

they seem to be hiring if you want a job south of the border.