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Early retirement


I (29M) have a decent DC pension, with about 20% total contribution at the moment. So from 55 onward I’m fairly certain I’m set up.

My question is:

I want to retire before I’m 55 (or whatever this age private pension withdrawal age rises too).

I’m saving into a S&S ISA with the view that this will be more of a pension type fund for me when I hit late 40’s/early 50’s.

Is a S&S ISA the best method for this plan?
Is the plan itself realistic?


Someone answered:

Long term investments will more than likely have a better return. So if this is something you want to leave in there for the next 25 years then yes you should do better than it being in your ISA.

Obviously there’s no guarantees with that and all investments are a risk.

Someone answered:

As somebody with a 4% contrib. 3% match, this is painful to read 🙁

Someone answered:

Seems like a reasonable plan to me, as long as your ISA investment matches your risk tolerance and timescales. Whether you will be able to afford to retire when you want will depend mainly on your saving ratio (proportion of income that you are saving). I haven't done the calculation for you but I suspect you will need to increase your saving rate to retire in your late forties/early fifties. It will get easier to increase your saving rate as your income rises.