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Daily FI discussion thread – May 16, 2019


Please use this thread to have discussions which you don’t feel warrant a new post to the sub. While the Rules for posting questions on the basics of personal finance/investing topics are relaxed a little bit here, the rules against memes/spam/self-promotion/excessive rudeness/politics still apply!

Have a look at the [FAQ]( for this subreddit before posting to see if your question is frequently asked.

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Someone answered:

A bit of an update from me: 2 weeks left of unpaid vacation between jobs. I'm not moving, staying in Detroit. I was interviewing with my old employer's main competitor as practice and found the offer too good to turn down even though I wanted out of that industry. So now I'll be making a stupid, sexy FIRE salary with this 55% raise. However, we won't see the increase in income until August since my wife is a teacher and does not get paid over the summer.

I'm bummed to stay here since we wanted to try Portland as a breath of fresh air and to hit up all our travel spots on the west coast for easier but the opportunity cost was too high with family and friends being here.

Someone answered:

Thank god for morning coffee. Happy thursday /r/FI

Someone answered:

Later today I start my new promoted role at my company. Somehow I managed: 100% remote, less travel, less responsibility, more interesting projects, more money, and a bonus. I’m pretty excited to get cracking but I’m seriously feeling the imposter syndrome!