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Daily FI discussion thread – May 15, 2019


Please use this thread to have discussions which you don’t feel warrant a new post to the sub. While the Rules for posting questions on the basics of personal finance/investing topics are relaxed a little bit here, the rules against memes/spam/self-promotion/excessive rudeness/politics still apply!

Have a look at the [FAQ]( for this subreddit before posting to see if your question is frequently asked.

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Someone answered:

Well, I'm pretty sick of work lately due to some new developments. Our team is being offshored entirely over the next year and a half and we still need to deliver a major project. Meanwhile people are jumping ship to other teams ASAP which makes delivery very difficult.

The honest part of me wants to stick around and see this project to the end, but the greedy part of me just wants to find another team to work on before I'm the last one standing…

Someone answered:

I’m in a situation in which I may be able to sort of coast soon. I make take a part time job at Trader Joe’s or something similar for the benefits, but maybe not.

However, I’m concerned about the message it sends to my kids. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had some good luck, which means we’re approaching this lifestyle without having to have skrimped and saved like as much as most people have. My own kids might not be so fortunate. I want them to see my wife and I as hard working and successful, so that they can carry that with them even though neither of us is that interested in working that hard anymore. How can you teach a good work ethic and inspire kids to reach their potential without having a “real” full time professional job?

Someone answered:

How do you account for inflation when deciding on a target number? If I spend $30,000/year in 2019 dollars and want to retire by 2030, should I be shooting for $30,000 * 1.0311 * 25 in investment accounts by 2030 or just $30,000 * 25?