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CreditKarma says I need more accounts, but that would lower the average age of my accounts which is bad. Which one is better (age or number)?


So CK is saying I need both higher age and more accounts. So my average age is 5 years 9 months and the next level is 7~9 years, so I’m close (1.25 years).

These are 3 open account of 12 years, 4 years, 1.5 years, one closed about 10 years ago held for about 5 years.

So if I open another account, my average would be lowered, but I’d have more accounts.

Total accounts is 4 and that’s the lowest level. The next level is 6~10, so I’d need 2 more account just to move up 1 level from the bottom.

They (CK) says the number of account is a low impact and the age is a medium impact. So adding one more shouldn’t drop the average by much I’d think, but what would I gain? Adding two would mean that 1/2 my accounts are about a year or less old.

I was in the 730’s with just 2 accounts before, so I don’t know that I really need more accounts, but at the same time that was years ago when the average age of the account was much less.

I was told before that a home equity line of credit needed 3 accounts, I don’t know if that’s still the same or not.


Someone answered:

Keep in mind that when it comes to Credit Karma, you are the product. They are paid to convince you to apply for their customers' credit cards and loans, which I assume is why they seem to suggest that everyone open 20+ accounts. They're a decent tool for monitoring your credit report, but take their recommendations with a grain of salt.

Someone answered:

Credit karma hawks credit cards. They just want you to sign up for more cards through their App so they get a kick back

Someone answered:

I also have three accounts… a fourth (car) just recently fell off. I’m around 780. I’m not doing a thing to change. Don’t know how old you are… if young I would maybe open another or just hold off for life accounts (cars or house) to open.