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Changes to the Amex Platinum charge card coming in June


I just came across this via HfP.

There are some [changes coming]( for the Amex Platinum charge card on June 11th.

The fee is going up to £575/year on renewal, and there are a couple of new benefits (cashback on onefineday rentals and £10/month Addison Lee credit), and the card will be made from metal.

This doesn’t affect anyone with the cashback credit cards.


Someone answered:

way too rich for me. I think amex are positioning this card as the card to have among 'instagram influencers' probably why the card details are printed on the back now. They will be able to post pictures of their flash new card to all their sycophantic followers.

Someone answered:

I feel like it was a relatively tough sell at £450, and now at £575 I'm quite positive I won't be applying for it.

I travel a fair bit so I'm on the Priority Pass Prestige (£275/yr) so figured £175 for the rest of the rewards would be worth it, but now it's at +£300 I just don't see the value…

Someone answered:

Does anyone here use Addison Lee in London? Tempting perk as it would offset the fee slightly. Say I used Addison Lee 2-3 times a month, would it work out cheaper than Uber for journeys in zone 1?