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Best way to save for child’s future?


I already have a fidelity account and save regularly in a UK index fund.

I want to save for my upcoming child so that it is a separate account that I don’t dip into until they are going to university or buying their first house.

How can one open multiple shares ISAs with the same provider so I can have a separate one for the kid and perhaps separate ones in the future for other kids. Thanks.


Someone answered:

There’s a quite a few posts on this subject under this sub-Reddit. I asked the same questions around a year ago.

My 2 suggestions are Junior ISA and Junior SIPP.

The first they will get at 18 and the second at around 60 or after they received a terminal diagnosis. It all depends on when you want them to receive the money and how much control you want over how they spend it?

Someone answered:

You can:

ISA in your name. You can open one S&S ISA in a tax year. (Not sure if you can have more than one under the same provider?)

JISA in their name. Money is legally theirs at 18

JSIPP. Pension for them. More extreme. Locked away until they retire. Probably not suitable for your requirements

Someone answered:

I didn't go for anything with their name on it… If you do they get legal control of that when they are 18.

I want to be able to decide when to give them the money.

I buy a separate fund within my S&S isa that is theirs.

I put in a certain amount per month + all of their child benefit money. They also have a couple of hundred quid in Premium bonds… cos ya know… fingers crossed 😛