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AMEX reduces my credit limit from $11k to $7500 because I rarely used my card- what impact will this have on my credit score?


My other 2 cards are used more often and have a total limit in excess of $25k, but I was surprised to receive the note from Amex- I made sure to use it on a few purchases throughout the year.

Any thoughts or experiences to share?


Someone answered:

the only impact it can have is on utilization, which has no memory.

Someone answered:

Try calling them and asking for your limit to be reinstated.

Or go online and request a limit increase. With Amex it’s always a soft pull (no effect on your credit).

Was this a Blue Cash card?

Someone answered:

It will have no meaningful* effect on your credit; don't worry about it.

*As others have mentioned there is potentially an effect on your credit utilization ratio, but unless your combined statement balance tends to be over 5k a month a total limit of 25k isn't meaningfully different from a total limit of 21.5k or whatnot.