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23, may have lost my license, job, and owe thousands in bills


I recently may have lost my driver’s license due to toll fees I was not aware of (inquiries were sent to my father’s address and unfortunately he did not notify me of them) that totaled $346.00, I paid off every one except the last one at $102.00, which caused my license to possibly be suspended. I cannot get any information from the dmv about whether or not it is suspended (there is a charge to get the info and dlcheck always comes up as invalid) and do not want to take the chance of being pulled over and getting either a massive fine or jail time

I was recently laid off due to lack of budget by my previous employer, I currently owe about:

$514.98 for car insurance ($186.14 per month)

$286.13 for loan payment

$102.00 for the toll violation(and possibly more to reinstate my license and insurance)

Rent is a non-factor currently

$184.40 for monthly phone payment (I want to cancel this plan for a much cheaper one but cannot until my phone is paid off, $387.13 left)

$1584.00 for visa card, my credit score has also dropped significantly since the layoff and I will have to work on restoring it

I’ve cancelled all non-essential payments I have (e.g. netflix, amazon prime, discord nitro) and am currently applying for and interviewing for several jobs (literally trying to get anything I can) but have had no success since my layoff in mid-January.

I’m currently doing at-home transcription work to get enough money for at the very least my dmv information, but it won’t be sufficient enough for any real help. My parents may be offering some assistance in whatever way they can, but this is difficult for them as well. Does anyone have any advice as to how proceed and actions to take for the future regarding my wounded credit?


Someone answered:

While you're waiting for interviews you need to get a job. Any job.

Someone answered:

Are there any temp agencies that pay cash near you? We have one that pays cash everyday.

Could you clean houses? Find out the going rate for your area and advertise on Facebook, at churches, ask you mom/Grandma/whoever if they know anyone that needs help around the house.

I would normally never suggest a credit card but if you lose your car and phone, it's going to be even harder to get back on track. So it might make sense to put the absolute necessities on a card and then work as much as possible once you get a job in order to get it paid off ASAP.

Someone answered:

1584 for Visa card.

For me, where I live, that quite much.

A single credit card?
How much is your card limit?(The amounts of 'money' given to your card )
1584 is the number of billing you have to pay due this month?